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VJ Zombie
Rahema Zaheer
Studio Mobeius
Lalinda Amarasekara
Nigel Perera
Sanjaya Gunawardana
Kinesthetics 0200
Isuru Kumarasinghe
Dinelka Liyanage
Firi Rahman
Muvindu Binoy
Kavan Balasuriya

Second Edition

Held in December 2018, the second edition of Sub_Sequence took the form of an experimental eight-day artist residency that assembled an experienced group of visual technologists from India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka, to develop new ideas, exchange knowledge and realize immersive experiences in collaboration with musicians, artists and technologists from Sri Lanka.  Featuring interactive audiovisual installations, musical performances and mixed-media art, the grimy cinema halls, corridors, swimming pool and derelict rooms of the partially-abandoned Rio Cinema Colombo were transformed into a melting pot of interdisciplinary artistic collaborations. The exhibition was open to the public. Supported by the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka.

Photo Gallery  /  Video Gallery

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